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Lessons and Experiences for the Forest and Wood Product Sector in Guyana


As Guyana moves forward with the implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union, there are opportunities to share Guyana’s progress to date, connect actors in Guyana with institutions in other VPA countries and to learn from each other’s experiences. Therefore, the main goal of this event will be to support forest sector stakeholders in Guyana on key issues related to the implementation of the VPA by bringing together national and international stakeholders to learn from each other, share lessons and build networks for collaboration.

The event is co-organised and co-supported by the Guyana Forestry Commission, World Resources Institute (WRI), the European Forest Institute Technical Assistance Project (EFITAP), the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland acting through the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations-European Union (FAO-EU) FLEGT Programme.


The goal of the event is to support forest sector stakeholders in Guyana on key issues related to the implementation of the VPA, by bringing national and international stakeholders together to learn from each other’s experiences, share lessons, and build networks for collaboration. Specifically:

To provide a space

for dialogue between government, private sector and Amerindian and other local communities in Guyana.

To share experiences

from within Guyana and learn from the experiences in other countries on selected topics related to the implementation of the VPA.

To build the capacity

of private sector actors in Guyana to comply with international regulations through interactions with buyers from tropical timber buying countries, and to highlight the VPA work in progress in Guyana to external audiences.

Moderators | Panelists

Dr. Alhassan Attah

Independent Consultant

Chris Beeko

Director, Timber Validation Department, Forestry Commission Ghan

Vanessa Benn

Iwokrama International Centre

Hon. Vickram Bharrat M.P.

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment

Brian Boyle

President and co-founder of Bartica Indigenous Green Enterprise

Amb. Fernando Ponz Cantó

Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Guyana

Mohindra Chand

Barama Company, Ltd.

Jose Humberto Chaves

Executive Manager of Forest Monitoring and Audit, Brazilian Forest Service

Erick Cuellar

Vice-Director of the Association of Forest Communities of Peten

Mr. Kenny David

Head of FLEGT Secretariat and Forest Products Development and Marketing Council

Wim Hup

Export Manager, Wijma Kampen B.V.

Fabian Jones

Economist Statistician, Guyana Forestry Commission

Rafeek Khan

Managing Director, Woods Direct

Lawrence Lachmansingh

FLEGT Facilitator

Iliana Monterroso

Scientist, Center for International Forestry Research

Rupert Oliver

Trade Analyst, FLEGT Independent Market Monitor

Alain Ossebi

Coordinator, Forest Legality and Traceability Office, Republic of Congo

Paul Pierre

Toshao, Kwebanna Village

Hon. Greg Quinn

British High Commissioner to Guyana

Malcolm Scott

Timber Importer, JSC Timber

Mr. James Singh

Guyana Forestry Commission

Andrew Stanigar

Spectrum Systems

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